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I want to see Tyson win defensive Player of the year again he has a great opportunity to make it happen

Lebron? just came off his championship i doubt he will be as aggressive as last season

Dwight? Coming off injuries, i don't see him winning it

Ibaka? i feel he has the best chance to challenge Tyson for the tittle. If tyson doesn't win it i got Ibaka getting it.

Who ya'll feel taking DPOY next year?
Lebron & Ibaka shouldn't be in serious consideration for the award. If we are being brutally honest, Dwight should have got it last year. It was very close, Tyson brought his game every night but Dwight was inconsistent. However Dwight on his night was the better defensive player. The narrative (converting Knicks to a near elite defensive team) carried Chandler across the line.

But other than those two, no one else should have really been considered. Ibaka is a great shot blocker but other aspects of his defense are pretty shaky at times. Ibaka and Lebron are great defender but it is the ESPN analysts with clear agenda's that brought them into consideration.