View Poll Results: Was it f'd up that Tyson got DPOY and still got snubbed for AD 1st team?

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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    u sound like u didnt watch any Knicks games before "Lin-Sanity" ....
    Shump started the 2011-12 season showing great athleticism along
    with the poorest decision-making player out of the 2011 draft class.
    u dont remember that???

    When it comes to Dwight Howard compared to Tyson Chandler on
    offense or defense .. Superman will always win.
    iv'e watched every single Knicks game through out the 11-12 season matter fact i was in the Game threads every night "hint hint" the amount of posts i have.

    I agree Shump did make some poor decisions, name me ONE PLAYER that didn't make poor decisions in the Dantoni's run and gun, feel free to do what you want offense . Ok he had some poor decision making plays... he also had bright spots in his game and their were times he made good plays, and thats a plus for me seeing how he was being used terribly wrong under Dantoni and forced to become a Full duty PG because we had no other options Toney douglas sucked and Baron was still injured.. take note the Melo point forward thing wasn't working out so well either

    Your a rookie and make some poor decisions and that means you should be excluded for the rookie vs sophmore game? part of being a ROOKIE is coming in the league making mistakes and learning from them. It sounds like your saying "offense alone" determines weather or not you should be in the game... keep in mind Shump was ranked like 5 on the rookie ladder during that time.

    Shump was one of the best promising rookies out their with ALOT of potential, arguably the best lock down rookie defender in the league, immediately made his presence felt on the court, took alot of pride in his game and showed alot of poise and determination only to be hindered by nagging injuries.

    If your debate is he shouldn't of been selected to the game because of his decision making then a COUPLE rookies shouldn't of been in the game especially Mr "look at me i think im kobe bryant" Marshon brooks dude forced a ton a terrible shots (keep in mind Brooks had missed a fair share of games as well) does that mean he shouldn't of been picked either?

    Your talking about Shumpert a guy who finished 5th in rookie of year votings behind irving, Rubio, Leonard and Faried please spare me bro.


    Chandler makes Dwight his B*tch everytime they matchup , of course Dwight has an advantage offensively which makes him a better overall center, Mind you Dwight and Bynum have mismatches every night because of the lack of dominant centers left in this league but i don't see Dwight as this so called "superman" because when he matches up against Tyson Chandler his stats gradually decline... #Facts
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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    I really want Melo & JR to get injured and miss 10 or more games

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