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I only wish he gave Kurt thomas a shout out but besides that I applaud him and the team for the effort. Hakeem is that dude for helpin us out, im sure hes gettin paid alot though. Cant wait for the season to start, most of the East will be forced to bow down to the Knicks
People just dont know how deep and good this team is

Go to scorer- Carmelo Anthony
2nd Option- Amar'e Stoudemire
PG rotation- Raymond Felton/Jason Kidd/Pablo Prigioni
Shooters- JR Smith and Steve Novak
Perimeter Defenders- Iman Shumpert and Ronnie Brewer
Interior Defenders- Tyson Chandler and Marcus Camby
Head Coach and Coaching Staff- Woodson and Co.

we're deep, locked and loaded ready for mutha****in war