I think if everything falls into place this year with Amare and Melo playing well together, Amare can be a monster both sides of the court.

I know that usually he's an appalling defensive player, however in the short time he played under Woodson there was a gradual and noticeable improvement and some games he straight up beasted (I'm ignoring the playoffs right here, we all know from playoffs onwards Amare has failed the team miserably).

If you didn't see it try to catch the late season Knicks vs Sixers game which was a big game due to the playoff implications, Amare had a nice offensive game with 21 points and this was not long after the huge downturn he had mid season. However it was the clutch buckets and huge defensive plays down the stretch that really impressed.

Amare could be a good defender I would love to see him as a 15-17pts 10 rebounds 2 blocks kind of player under Woodson and with Felton who has played so much 2 man game with STAT it should be possible.