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The FACT still remain .. Amare became an injury-prone player when we added Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks .. I blame Dantoni .. untill Billups became an injury-prone player too .. in regular season & postseason.

I watched Amare in the playoffs with "gimmie da ball" teammates Marbury, Shaq, and Melo. And this has to be Amare's first time in his NBA career where he got so fed-up with the ISO-Melo BULLSHIIIAT that Amare reacted the same way Kenyon Martin reacted when being Melo's teammate in Denver .. by not wanting to be involve in the postseason games, Kenyon Martin used every tactic possible even argueing with coach Karl to be DNP from the postseason games, untill Billups came to Denver.

Players like Billups & Detroit crew, Amare & Phoenix crew, and Kenyon Martin & Nets crew, played hurt for 40 minutes in every postseason game on their previous teams.

Knicks fans didnt want to swallow the hard FACT truth about Marbury & Isiah in 2003-4-5-6 .. it took the 2007-8 season to wake-up Knicks fans.
C'mon Kiya now u know Amare showed up in NY bad knees and all, MELO had nothing to do with that. That's unfair criticism for MELO now I guess he made STAT attack that fire extinguisher in the playoffs now too I guess