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If Amare is serious about using his Post game, i can see Woody having Carmelo Space the floor a little more and run some plays for Amare in the post. It would work better if Amare was at the 5 and Carmelo is at the 4, but Melo is very capable of playing out on the perimeter we have seen this during the olympics (and in my GIF ) he can score from just about anywhere on the floor.

one of the reasons Chandler and Dirk were such a perfect couple (PAUSE) no homo lol, was because of Dirks lethal post up ability and scoring ability. Chandler was able to control the paint and (NOT) be in dirks way. IF Amare can bring the 2010 MVP canidate Amare back out with this newly added post game of his and we can get the USA OLYMPICS carmelo that just won a gold Medal $hits going to get real
It certainly will, and if Amar'e can find his shot on the baseline, ala Karl Malone, then the whole team benefits through the spacing and the movement as he relocates.

Rotating, relocating, moving through that semi circle between the baseline and the FT line. Add a baby hook, an across the lane running jumper, a back to the basket pull-up, you name it; an inside game provides spacing, opportunity, an effective (potentially) 2 man game between our best player and best interior finisher as shown in the above set.

I am with you all the way on that.

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I wouldnt mind seeing Melo and Amare work together a couple times a quarter. I think they should run the pick and roll, Melo's agile enough has good enough passing skills. Its tough to defend when you have someone with a mid range jumper like Melo coming off the pick and someone who might still be a good finisher (Stat) rolling towards the rim. Tyson Chandler proved last year that hes a very underrated pick and roll player as well, while he might not be the most skilled offensive player he is a smart offensive player. I think Stat will look smarter next year on offense, like i said before this team is better suited for him now. Hes just gotta be in shape and stay healthy, hes the biggest x factor on this team

I've been pining for a P&R between STAT and Melo. 2 players that finish effectively, one at 6'8 and the other at 6'10, both can shoot, both can barrel. It's like having a 12 gauge and shells, but never loading the f'ing thing when it's time to unleash it.

Amar'e is the biggest X factor on this team, but the X's and O's to bring about his success individually/alongside the underrated passer, Melo, are equally as massive.

Woodson, apparently, was the advocator and initiator of STAT working with Hakeem, so please, PLEASE, Woody, get this clicking. D'Antoni was too enveloped in his system and straight ignored the tandem that every other coach would sprunk their pants over adding to their playbook. Woodson's up, and his time - in turn with STAT and Melo's approach - is now. Make it happen.