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I don't understand why some people keep saying "it's only preseason, these games doesn't mean anything". Ron, the preseason is meant to see how this crew plays together. Amare worked hard during the offseason, no doubt about that. But, has he improved? Will he be able to play with both Chandler and Carmelo on the court? Does he still have that connection with Ray? What about him and all those new guys? Without him playing in these meaningless games we still know nothing, we don't know what to think and Woody doesn't know what to adjust and what Amare should be working on to improve.
Let me see if I can help you understand.

If a player is even slightly injured it makes absolutely no sense for him to play in games tht don't affect actual wins and losses that count.

Yes he would benefit from being out there w his teammates, but the truth of the matter is a few preseason games where he only plays maybe 10 minutes anyway aint gonna really help w gellin that much.

Rest and health for Amare is paramount