Starting Dec 6, if STAT's 5-week timetable is followed, these are next ten games for the Knicks....


vs Denver

@ Brooklyn

vs Los Angeles

vs Cleveland

vs Houston

vs Brooklyn

vs Chicago

vs Minnesota

I'm more worried for the team when STAT does come back because his presence will not jive with Melo again and **** up the chemistry that the team presumably have worked for by early December.. and we all know about his phenomenal defense.

We look wayyyy worse defensively when he's in the game, based on what I've seen from preseason play. Maybe this injury is a blessing in disguise.

One thing's for sure though, we need both STAT & Melo clicking come playoff time if we want to even reach the ECF. I hate to say it, but Melo's legacy will be forever tarnished if his team gets booted from the first round again. Unfair.