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hmmm, Amare's 2012-13 salary is approx $20M (twenty million dollars!)

$20M / 82 games = approx $244,000/game

missing 5 weeks yields approx 18-20 games lost, about 1/5 of the season.

$20M / 62 games = approx $323,000/game, meaning for every 3 games SHAT plays, he's making a million bucks this year!!

I can understand not signing Lin at this point, as the Knicks are getting raped by SHAT's injuries.

f*ck that SHAT!

bring back David Lee!
This is just painful to read.

Nice math work there, CoolC. All of that cash for STAT to tempt LeBron James to be a Knick, and look how it's payed off. 6 months of greatness (still only hovered around .500), followed by a year and a half of disappointment. Nice one, James.

The fire extinguisher was the low point, of course, but the lack of ball IQ this guy's displayed throughout the .400(ish) record he and Anthony have managed to produce together - I'm sick of this non stop f*ckery, honestly. And he's signed for 2 seasons after the one that's on the brink of starting.

He has an early termination option in that final year, but why would he bother? He's the league's worst and uninsured contract, making him the hardest player in the league to trade. He'll take that final year on and probably play 1/3 of the season.

We're stuck with him, for sh*tter or for worse.