The bad news for this season began when Shumpert went down last Spring. This just reminded us NYK fans that this is the Knicks, and this is par for the course: pain. We were foolish to get excited, right?

Seriously... This isn't good news but it could be worse. Amar'e had a bone bruise on the knee, and that requires rest. This latest cist problem will get him that rest. If he misses 2 months... 25-33 percent of the season, but returns in Jan... gets sharp by Feb... in NBA form by March and then healthy and strong come May... GREAT.

It's better he misses the beg. of the season than the end.

Plus, this helps on the chemistry front b/c it keeps Camby, Cope, Thomas in the mix; gets minutes for Novak and Pablo.

This team can truly become Melo's team. Get an identity and then slide Amare & Shump in come Jan-Feb.

It's like making a deal for 2 starters at the deadline.

Now it;s up to the other guys to keep things afloat while Shump & STAT are out. We'll see how that goes. 11-17 would be terrible.