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No you couldn't void his contract, it's guaranteed but if his injury is a career ending injury the Knicks could apply for an injury exception from the NBA get his salary off our cap space and pay him with insurance money.
honestly if he needs another microfracture surgery, I think he should retire. His knees are done at that point. He'd still get his money but we could move on

We'd rid his 21mil off the cap and be at 51mil with the league cap around 60mil. so we got 9mil to work with possibly 12mil if Kidd retires like I think he will. Sign Paul Millsap long term, use the 2013 1st Round Pick on a developmental Center like Willie Cauley from Kentucky and sign Bo McCalebb as our back up PG since I personally think Pablo and Kidd will retire at the end of the year. Grab a young SF to back up Melo like Terrence Williams. Another shooter like Kyle Korver, bring back Jared Jeffries as an energy big and a young 3rd PG like Kenny Boynton probably bring back Chris Copeland

Tyson Chandler
Paul Millsap
Carmelo Anthony
Iman Shumpert
Raymond Felton

JR Smith
Marcus Camby
Steve Novak
Bo McCalebb
Terrence Williams

Jared Jeffries
Kyle Korver
Willie Cauley
Kenny Boynton
Chris Copeland

I can only dream