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“Something else is going on in his knee besides the Baker’s cyst,” said Stephen E. Blythe, a Miami surgeon who’s been practicing for more than 40 years and has experience treating pro athletes. “It’s unusual to rest someone that long. I’d be looking at really what’s wrong with the inside of his knee that causes a Baker’s cyst, and how is that going to affect things?”

The surgeon goes on to say that even if it was a ruptured popliteal cyst, which may have required a surgical procedure to clean up the inside of his knee, it wouldn’t take up to eight weeks for Stoudemire to heal.

The surgeon, also, said he believes the Knicks are withholding information.

“There’s information there that you don’t know about,” he said. “It sounds to me like (the Knicks) are just giving some information, but not full information about what’s going in the knee. The only way you’ll know if there’s more to it than what they say is if the team or the surgeons are willing to give that info to you.”

To add fuel to the fire, another orthopedist surgeon who currently works for a championship-contending team said, “Stoudemire’s knees, at this point in his career, are like a 70-year-old’s.”

Stoudemire is entering the third season of his five-year $100 million, which is uninsured because of his ailing knees.

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All seems a little far fetched to me. Have to wonder what measure of truth is in there regarding the Knicks' withholding information regarding Stoudemire.

How shocked would we not be if Dolan wanted to keep the media's nose out of another of his mistakes?
I knew it, the day it was posted that he had a "Bruised Knee" i said it was more to it than that.

Im not blaming Amar'e simply because he did what he had to do in the offseason in order to come back for a great season but he just got unlucky is all but to hold info back and say 6-8 weeks may just be a smoke screen for a larger injury that they dont want to title simply because it would scare fans away.

What sounds better, a ruptured cyst or a torn meniscus?