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Thats how I feel except I don't think really think he'll come off the bench he'll start and play most of his minutes off the bench.

I was looking forward to him and Melo playing together but thats gonna be post poned he needs to start taking some extreme measures to limit his injuries as much as possible.

I still think he'll be good when he comes back offensively after a few games defensively I don't expect anything more than a few blocks a game.

And also he is not getting traded because the Knicks are not gonna trade him for a gang of role players and nobody is gonna give up a star for him with his health. Knicks fans should just hope he can stay healthy for the rest of the year when he gets back.
Amar'e and Melo might not work best on the floor together, but I have no doubt that they're both going to start, but play most of the game separately. Amar'e is going to get his minutes, plain and simple, and we're going to need his offense, because there's no way our 3-point shooting is going to stay this hot - let's be real, there's no way our team is going to keep hitting 47.6% of its 3-pointers. We can't count on that down the stretch, and we definitely can't count on it during the playoffs.