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Yeah, I know I'm being the pessimist, but STAT's been a letdown at so many stages throughout the last year+. I can't dig assumptions backing him as a changed player entirely. He put in the work, but what has that brought to his team game, I wonder. Leopards and spots, IMO.
I'd say pessimism is in our DNA as Knicks fans really so you're not displaying any unseasonal symptoms, but we've got to accept certain truths about Stoudamire.

1. If he doesn't join the Knicks in 2010 then we don't have this lineup today.

2. He carried us to our first winning season in something like ten years

3. We've made the playoffs both seasons he's been with us (this may sound like a small victory if any at the moment but 3 to 4 years back the playoffs would never enter a discussion on a Knicks board)

It's reasonable for us to be expectant of all our players, and in particular our star players; but we should also pay props where they're due. He's not been terrible. He's been great at points, and sub standard at other points. He started this though and for that he deserves some acknowledgement. There are people who have forgotten he's even part of the Knicks setup due to the amazing start we've made. If he's got any drive left in him he'll be looking to deliver a big slice of shut your mouth when he returns. If he fails, then we've got him to thank for the adequate cover and depth we've developed over the past 3 years.