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Lol you're still so down on Melo Kiya. He's doin better atm.

May be time to cut him some slack.

Why because we are 5-0

Melo is a SELFISH high scoring player, who wants to call all the shots on offense, but cant play a lick of defense as a screenin-defender.
Melo didnt like the idea of Billups callin all the shots in Denver, and teammates putting Billups first over him so Melo refuse to resign with Denver for the same amount of money the Knicks gave him.

I didnt give Marbury any slack ....
I went to alot of Marbury High School games, and will always be a big-fan of Marbury .. However .. The day Marbury became a Knicks, I bashed Marbury from sun-up to sun-down.
My baby sister is still close friends with Marbury sister .. but that does not change Marbury selfish personality on the court with his teammates.