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Mike D'Antoni as our coach really warped a lot of Knicks fan's minds, by not knowing how to use Amar'e and Melo in the proper way. Just give Woodson a chance to make them work, and then sit back and enjoy. It will be a beautiful thing.
What has gone wrong so far?
Is Jason Kidd & Sheed to old to give meaninful minutes?
Is Felton badly overweight?
Is Melo still a ballstopper who won't play D?
Is JR Smith still a chucker who has shot us out of games?

All of the above questions have been answered in positive fashion by Woodson & the Knicks. He has shown he is very crafty and making things work. Woodson won't sit back and let the pairing fail, he will improvise and if it doesn't work STAT will come off the bench.