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It's reasonable for us to be expectant of all our players, and in particular our star players; but we should also pay props where they're due. He's not been terrible. He's been great at points, and sub standard at other points. He started this though and for that he deserves some acknowledgement. There are people who have forgotten he's even part of the Knicks setup due to the amazing start we've made. If he's got any drive left in him he'll be looking to deliver a big slice of shut your mouth when he returns. If he fails, then we've got him to thank for the adequate cover and depth we've developed over the past 3 years.
It's absolutely reasonable to be expectant. But in Amar'e's case, what you'd expect at max money, at 6'11, at 250, and at an athletic level rarely seen in someone that size, "not terrible" and occasionally "sub standard" are not meeting reasonable expectation. The lack of effort, the lack of awareness and predictive anticipation ~ man. He's hardly given us a consistent model worthy of a contract or a leader in over a year.

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He rolls just as good as tyson does man.
No, he doesn't. Not with last season being used as reference. In fact, I'd say that Tyson's picks and rolls far exceed those of Stoudemire without recent evidence to the contrary.

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Good points. Basically a player like STAT is only as good as the guards feeding him. Creating off the dribble, although tried many times, is just not his thing. This results in something negative more so than positive. I agree Felt/Kidd/Prig trio will help put him in to better positions to succeed.

As good as TC is, STAT was known as one of the best p&r finishers of our day. That's partly due to his speed, explosiveness, and ability to draw fouls and finish. I believe he led the league in and-1's.

But that's just it... does he still have what it takes to be successful? His speed and explosiveness? Well to be honest he probably has diminished, but he has expanded his game to adapt.

I see how we click, and I see the need for some more scring in the post/at the basket with a big. TC is not that dude. And Melo cannot do that all by himself, or he will get banged up. I see a quasi-need/opportunity for STAT to fit in.

I imagine what a team like the HEAT would think, doubling Melo to get the ball out his hands, only to see him hit:

- a cutting STAT
-AN OPEN Smith/Novak/or Kidd

And I see them struggling to match our size with waves of astute bigs coming at them. You can never have too much size... no homo.

The questions you raise are the reasoning behind my cynicism. I have absolute faith in Woodson to provide the base, but little to no faith in Stoudemire to execute things in a cognitive, intelligent or (most importantly) consistent way.

I don't see quasi need, I see paramount need need for STAT to come in strong, as we move forward in to a continuity not seen in NY since Mark Jackson ruled the pill.

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Ray was putting all-star numbers up WITH stat running a pick and roll, I don't see how you can say that chandler runs it better when we have all see them run the P&R together and really click well. Amare is also a much better finisher than Tyson but thats obvious. What really is important right now is his defensive effort. I remember with Felton, Amare was getting a few blocks each game and he was really easing into. I'm not sure tho.
With STAT playing at centre as the main offensive option outside of the 3 point bomb, in a highly spaced offence that boasted ZERO post players. Enough said there, IMO.

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