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I honestly think we can be better with STAT.

This team looks like a team, and if STAT accepts that his role isn't the star right now, that he's part of a twelve-man unit, despite his crazy contract he can still bring some value to this team.
I'm hoping beyond hope that he'll accept that role tho.

I'm still kind of weary when it comes to his defense. Whether he starts (please god no) or comes off the bench, he'll still need to contribute at least a little bit on the defensive end.

I also hope that he's learned how to set a screen. Set the screen with some conviction and force the switch, get the ball and have a smaller man contesting your shot - or have a smaller player trying to contend with you crashing to the rim, force the help to come, and make the extra pass. Simple fundamental ish. Constantly slipping the screen and rolling with a big trailing right on his hip is only going to lead to him getting mauled at the rim again.

No more "missed assignments" (his excuse when Diaw cooked him for 27 last season), if he's setting a pick he can't constantly slip it, rebou-......box out to create some easier rebound chances, and most importantly: don't get lost in the shuffle out there. I don't want to see STAT just standing around letting dudes run right by him, or just hanging out on the offensive end. If he can't do anything that'll show up in the box score, then it's time to start playing like a 10 year vet who wants to win a ring.

It's a tall order, but I'm not gonna count him out just yet. But with the way the team is playing right now..he doesn't (and shouldn't) have much time to show up.