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    ok hypothetical for all you guys cause I don't want to make a damn thread for a trade proposal....

    Say philly comes to the knicks and says they will trade bynums expiring contract for Amare straight up as a way for them to save face for bynum basically missing the season and wanting a max when he is done.

    Do you do it to get a chance at Josh Smith? If not what if Philly throws in a future first rounder in the deal?

    I admit this is a gamble though, Amare will likely be needed to go for a championship this year though on the flip he may not add enough to make that happen regardless. Also J Smoove could come over for 16 million allowing the knicks to save some money avoid the cap.

    a starting lineup Next year of

    Brewer (who I assume stays for the mini MLE)
    Josh Smith (his natural position)

    JR Smith (who I assumes stays for that Bird Rights money)

    The defense would give the whole league that work....
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