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Great news.This just means that STAT is ready to put his ego aside and focus on winning.

But in terms of the teams' rotation, I don't expect STAT's bench role to make much of a difference in terms of the team gelling together. This move is all about improving the team's offensive continuity and flow by limiting the time that STAT and Melo are together on the court. However, I expect STAT to average 32-35 mpg once he's fully recovered, and Melo will also get his 32-35 mpg which means that there'll be only 13-15 mins of game time where they are not playing together. This is the case unless Woody decides to lower the minutes of either STAT or Melo,which is very unlikely. In short, I just don't see the logic to the idea of Amar'e in a bench role for the Knicks. Can someone explain to me why this would be a good move??

Also, does this mean Melo will be the permanent starting PF?
As STAT has seemed a bit more fragile over the last year then I think Woodson might limit STAT's minutes a little more, maybe 28-30 minutes per game, which would be easier to manage with him coming off the bench. This also slightly reduces court time with Melo as well as protecting STAT's health.