And last but not least, the things we should demand Amar'e to improve on (realistically speaking):

Rebounding on both ends of the floor: He has always been a subpar rebounder in spite of a Greek God-Like athleticism. Just rebounding along would help a lot on defense (HW: Watch Zach Randolph rebound without even leaping)
Passing: Dude's got great hands, but he's never been a skilled passer (grew up playing facing the basket). If he could make the ball rotate and pass off the double teams in the post, that would wreck chaos onto opposing defenses, just like Melo has been doing this year.
Stay in front of the opposite ****ing player!: I'm not even asking him to follow all the defensive rotations r anything, just no more Matador defense, damnit! He should be less scared spend some fouls since he won't have as many minutes anyway and the rotation is so deep.

If Amar'e can improve in those areas, as well as regaining confidence in the mid-range shot, he's going to get his place back as a true All-Star of the league.