Just red some great reeds in da thread ..
Our 12-4 Knicks are a 48 minute halfcourt offense/defense team ..
Our next 16 games have 10 tough competitive oponents in the schedual ..
How well will our 48 minute halfcourt rotation do in the next 16 games ..
We have to add more running transition in our offense for quick easy points ..
Competitive oponents will take advantage of our walk the ball up court offense.

A 20-9 Amare belongs on a running transition team and lineup ..
Do we have any running-offensive-players to put in a lineup with Amare?
If not look for ???? to trade Amare for Pau Gasol

Running-Players -vs- Halfcourt-Players

PG-Kidd/Pablo -vs- Felton
SG-Brew/Shump -vs- JR.Smith
SF-Copeland -vs- Melo/Novak
PF-Amare -vs- Rasheed/K.Thomas
C-Camby -vs- Tyson

Amare learning post-up moves are for a halfcourt-offense ..
Amare coming off the bench means we have a halfcourt-offensive starting lineup.