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If there's any reason we think they can't co-exist together, it's because for a series of time we had that dumbass Pringles man as coach, who had no idea how to adjust his system to any damn person ever, instead forcing superstars with elite skillsets to adjust to his system which has never even won a championship and hell has never been effective without a future HOF point guard running it.

The key thing here to remember is that Woody isn't really using his own offensive sets, he's using D'Antoni's, he's just found a way to integrate Carmelo into them. If he can find a way to make Carmelo effective in an offense centered around the pick and roll, then he can find a way to make Amar'e effective in that offense too, especially cause there are few PFs in the league better in the pick and roll than Amar'e Stoudemire.
Amare is a ridiculously dominant PnR big man and Melo can be waiting on the perimeter for the jumper as a back up, was against lesser opposition but anyone see how that worked out in the olympics