Happy New Year Everyone
Make this da year to remember being a Winner ....

1/1 I'm looking foward to the return of Amare without Melo & Felton in the rotation ..
I already picture the first game with Jason Kidd performance explaining to Amare vs Portland, that Kidd's body is to old to play the SSOL running game for over 20 minutes per game.
PG-Pablo pick n roll with Copeland will be practice alot with Amare vs Portland.

1/3 The Knicks vs Spurs Headcoach Pop ..
the NBA top best offense/defense GELLIN headcoach the last 6 seasons are "Pop" the Spurs will bring back old-memories to Amare.

1/5 The Knicks vs Magic should be the game we see alot of the low-post moves Olyjuwon taught to Amare in the offseason ..
PG-Pablo posting-up Amare quickness down-low and Tyson strength down-low ..
with JR, Novak, and Kidd peremeter shooting killing Orlando in the 3rd quarter.

I have no-faith in the two $100M animosity-boys and Tyson in the same lineup ..
unless Big-Daddy Jason Kidd is in the lineup too.
Amare & Melo remind me of two Baby-daddies who keep bumbing heads everyweek when they visit their Baby-Mama house .. the stare-down are enough to KILL.