I was a STAT doubter, and no one here has shut me up. I am happier than anyone for STAT turning it around and producing efficiently for the Knicks. Doubting STAT last year was reasonable and deserving. Nothing wrong with it, STAT had the worst season of his career, critical minded fans spoke their mind. Let them live.

and to set everything aside, STAT did lose a brother and that's some real ish I can relate to. I lost people close to me in my family and theres no other pain in the world than dealing with a death. I did give STAT the benefit of a doubt in the worst season of his career (not only performance wise, but all the drama he was going through) and STAT is showing great resilience this season.

But if you doubted STAT in the past, don't be ashamed. You're a fan and you have free speech to express your mind, don't let any clown here think that you're able to be shutdown. Wrong. We're all fans of the Knicks, and in the end we want the best for this team and even each other. We're a nation of people with one similar interest, and no one here wishes the worst for STAT just because they were displeased with a season. You can't be overly positive all the time, you need a balance.