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    Originally Posted by Crazy⑧s
    Another Smith thread!

    Good to have the fire power, concerned about signing a head case.

    That simple. If he causes any distractions, he should be roasted for it. This team is on its way up with Melo returning. Don't need any ghetto swag on a team ready to ascend.
    my concerns exactly. I admit I don't know anything about him except he looks a little thugish. That look doesn't make him a bad guy, but if the thug is who he is.Meaning,thug life, Party, drug and gun life. Never backing down if it makes you look bad. never saying sorry, I'm gonna get mines type attitude isn't really an easy teamate. Locker room is more important than you think.The locker room now seems great. Everyone gushing about everyone else. They haven't lost, but i could see each guy putting the blame on their shoulders, not pointing fingers. How many thugs do that? So A thug and a preacher walk into the locker room...insert punchline.
    How would he interact with our locker room. How would he handle not getting his touches? Now, you can't judge how he'll be by just his appearance and I never heard anything negative about him. From teamates or anyone. So maybe it's a non issue.
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