Glen Grunwald is awesome.

Said **** it im not wasting this season so we can try and sign someone like Dwight Howard or Dwilliams or CP3 next season.. Lets build to win now. So he got chandler, and it has turned us into a team that actually PLAYS DEFENSE.. Yeah sometimes we get lazy but what team doesn't at this point? Were are 1000 times better on the defensive end then we were last year.

So smart to hang on to that 2.5 million and not waste it on crap like Shawne Williams or mike redd or whoever else was hanging around. Especially seeing as how he went out and got steve novak who is the same player except 10 times better at hitting the three, which was all Williams was good for anyways

Hes done a great job so far. How he put together such a good roster with no cap space is impressive.