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This. Kiyaman is a rubbish poster who just blabs on about 'iso-melo' etc. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but this is Knicks FAN Forums. If your only going to hate, why bother coming on here? His/her bias just ruins any chance you have of putting together a half decent response.

Some members are to adolesent-minded to know "hot comes with cold, yes comes with no, and positive comes with negative" .. u need to stay out of adult conversation .. your babble comment above is like a child crying from parents argue. STFU n just read.

Kiyaman is a retired scout that bets real money on the Knicks to WIN.
My comments are very simple "Strength vs Weakness" if a player or coach strength does not out weigh their weakness then there is no reason to mention or HYPE up their strength like they are Phil Jackson/MJ/Kobe/or Durant .. forth-quarter CLOSERS.

u are late .. I bashed all the peeps who shouldnt have been involve with the Knicks organization: Laydum/Isiah/Marbury/Crawful/Larry Brown/Q.Brick/Curry/Walsh-up-Donnie/Damnphony/Gallo/ISO-melo/JR.Smith .. and im loaded-up with bashes for assistant Herb Williams if the Knicks start the 2012-13 season off in the wrong direction.