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Harrelson and both the draft picks they gave them. thats way to much for a 38 year old.Don't get me wrong I have always liked camby but he is just to old.
what a lame post....

Look at Camby's numbers last season.

Out of 25 min per game he averaged 9 rebounds and 1.5 blocks....He is still a force and he can hit an open mid range shot.

He is the perfect big man to spell Tyson. Hell we can even have Camby and Tyson out there when we play teams like the Lakers who have 2 guys thats are 7ft.

Size is so rare in the NBA and we have two legit centers...what more can you ask?

5 mil a year for someone that should be a starting center on any team is nothing. And we gave up three guys that were bench warmers.