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I completely agree.

We are stacked now. No excuses. All in. We've got 2 years, 3 tops, to get a championship. If we don't get one it will be devastating because after 3 years, we will have no team and no youth to rebuild.

Enjoy these next three years. I certainly will. Go Knicks!!!
Agreed! All in......Clearly this trade + Kidd's has made the statement that we're going for the jugular right now.

The next 3 years will be awesome!!!

With all these expiring contracts 3 years from now, who knows where we'll end up? But, for now at least, we're headed in the right direction and have other teams no doubt sh!tting themselves about the new beast in the east.

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Does anyone else feel like we gave up alot to get a 38 yr old guy who will play at most 20 min per?

I mean don't get me wrong I love Camby but he is old... and I really think Harrelson has some promise. Sorry to see him go.

Oh well

I'm happy Camby's back but idk..

I was bummed about losing Harrelson too. But I don't think his career has the longevity to take us past the net 3 years. He's a lumbering sack of potatoes, really. I don't actually think I've seen anyone meander up the court quite like he does since the late 80s early 90s, when the white stiff still roamed the hardwood.

Good laterally, clearly intelligent, but he's like a Renault: shows promise until inevitably falling apart.

I'm glad for the acquisition of Camby, because we have one thing in mind - hunting for gold and not looking any further beyond the big prize.

Coach Woodson has involuntarily jizzed himself multiple times over his new roster, according to an inside horse.