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When your super-star is calling all the shots, but shows no effort on the
defensive-end, plus play ISO-Ball averaging 25 shot attempts per game ..
expect his teammates to follow suit.

Coach Woody & Camby mystery are the same as the Amare mystery ....

Melo-Melo-Melo-Melo and his ex-Denver Nuggets teammate JR.Smith has been averaging above 32 minutes per game .. each of the 11 games the two high scoring players has been getting closer & closer to running the same ISO-offense they perform for the Denver Nuggets for seven straight seasons. Camby & Billups spoke against the ISO-offense players who played no defense in Denver, and the Denver Nuggets traded them.

Having a 8-3 record with the last two games becoming losses to teams under the .500 mark.
The last two games I watched a PF-Melo jog down court on offense to only stop at the 3-ball line, then demand the ball to shoot a 3-ball shot then backup to the defensive end of the court, it did not matter if Melo hit the shot or miss the shot, Melo made no effort in going as far as the perimeter on the offensive-end .. is that the type of PF we want on the Knicks? or SF we want on the Knicks?

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This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the topic. The confusion is all the way real. lol