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Camby lookin rusty returning to a back to back on the road ..
once we add some more playingtime-oil for Camby to get familiar with teammates ..
Camby will be the Man of the 2nd unit.

Amare will be a happy camper coming off the bench with Camby to dominate the 2nd quarter of every game.
Woody need to start putting rookie SF-Copeland in every lineup with "Old-Head" Camby ASAP ..
to prepare for a strong frontcourt lineup of "Camby/Amare/Copeland" with PG-Pablo & SG-Kidd till Shump return.
That's a 2nd-unit lineup to run oposition off the court for 9 straight minutes.

No-offense to Felton, Brewer, JR, Novak, Melo, Kurt, and Tyson, but their talents dont fit the criterior of a lob-passing running transition lineup on a defensive-rebound, steal, or inbounding on the side as well as Camby/Amare/Shump/and Kidd.
Camby should be getting 20 minutes per game or else Chandler will face potential injuries from playing so much. Limit Chandler to 28 minutes per game, we need him for the playoffs.