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    Nyk Logo The Official Mike Woodson Appreciation Thread

    I realize that there are a couple of Woody threads already. I also understand that it's still too early to evaluate his work as the Knicks head coach. Nonetheless some of you may agree that there are things Woodson already deserves props for. And that's why I would like to name several points that have changed dramatically since Woodson has been in charge.

    - after D'Antoni resigned I finally feel we have a REAL coach. I don't know how about you, but I never really understood MDA, every time he was addressing the media I was trying to figure out what he was talking about. Woodson is very straight in that matter, he always makes clear what the problem is and how to solve it.

    - locker room presence. We all know D'Antoni never wanted to clash with any of his players. He'd rather step aside than look for an argument. Woodson is way different, he demands things and "makes damn sure" his players are doing what they are supposed to. He doesn't mind clashing with anyone, doesn't matter it's a $450K bench warmer or $20M superstar.

    - Woodson is a complete coach. D'Antoni was rather one dimensional while Woody, despite being a defense first coach, also takes care of the other end of the court.

    - equality, how many times did we see D'Antoni screaming at Douglas and making excuses for our stars? Woodson doesn't care about how much money you make or what is your celebrity status, if you're not giving enough effort you can be damn sure Woody will jump all over you.
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