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But D'antoni is still the better coach because he took a team to the conference finals while Woodson couldn't take a team past the second round.
Woodson took a 28 win Atlanta Hawks team and turn them into a 52 win team....Dantoni took over a 44 win Phoenix Suns team that beat the Championship Spurs the first two games in a series under headcoach George Johnson who let a selfish Marbury take all the shots in the 4th quarter to lose that series.

Dantoni is still the WORST coach in the NBA....guys like u keep getting Shawn Matrix Marion team-leadership mixed up with the headcoach performance. That's Bad! Kidd & Marion ran the SSOL in Phoenix....Kidd took the Nets to consecutive trips to the FINALS on the SSOL style. A 30+ minute Kidd & Marion won a Championship Ring last season in Dallas.
Hint: The Phoenix Suns traded Shawn Marion and 3 months later Dantoni was FIRED.

I was waiting for Mike Woodson 10th game as headcoach to evaluate his coaching style....but a 8-1 record calls for an early evaluation.
I know I been mentioning the Knicks going on a WIN streak after firing "Celebrity coach Dantoni" the past 4 years, plus I did call "Mike Woodson First" winning 8 of his first 10 games as Knicks headcoach (8-1).
Woody did it in 9 games!

Mike Woodson first duty as headcoach was to change the Knicks ridiculous "SYSTEM" of a 7+ Man rotation using 1 lineup for 48 minutes, while 7 players rest on the bench each game knowing they will not get any playingtime.
Woodson threw that phoney SYSTEM out the door, to suprise all the Knicks players his first game by giving "TEN-PLAYERS" playingtime in the first half of the game....giving players a reason to workup a hard-sweat in practice GELLING as a team.

I still blame assistant-coach Woody for letting Dantoni almost ruin 6.10 big-body rookie Jorts future in the NBA by positioning Jorts to stand on the 3-ball line everytime on the offensive-end of the court to take 3-ball shots so he could rank in the lowest bigman FG percentage in his rookie season....now in March, Jorts misses easy layups every game, but its nice to see Woody have Jorts screening, picking, and boxing-out on the offensive end of the court. Woody have confidence in rookie Jorts improving through playingtime....I also blame assistant Woody for not having any interest in preparing 7.0 rookie Jordan in the past 4 months to be able to backup Tyson Chandler for a few minutes a game. Jordan being sent to the Erie D.League several times showed very little training interest from the Knicks coaching-staff, when Jordan just need timing, positioning, and a couple of teammates to GELL with consistantly.