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    Default How Mike D'Antoni Turned Woodson into a Supercoach

    The move to bring in Woody as the defensive specialist last season was a brilliant one. Woodson has always been known as a defensive minded coach. Being under Coach D'Antoni, Woodson was paying attention on how Mike ran his offensive schemes and spacing.

    When he was in Atlanta, he played a much more traditional NBA offense. Now 10 games into the season Woody's team has shot over 36 3 pointers in 2 games and both were in blow-out wins.

    To me it's obvious Woodson benefited greatly and really watched closely to D'Antoni's system. Woody's Defense mixed along with concepts of Mike Dantoni's system has really turned him into some kind of super-coach.

    When Amare comes back I know we'll see alot more pick n Roll

    Has anyone else noticed this?
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