I am worried about him as PR problem with his DWI.

The Knick have one pet peev now that the Isaiah Thomas saga is over and that is any PR problem caused by a player.
We suffered the PR problems with Marbury and now Kidd pulls a stupid move and makes the KNicks look bad.

I believe the KNicks will keep a close eye on Kidd but he has to be smarter than this, especially since we considered him a mentor of any kind.

Now on the court....he will be a huge factor. Whether is a starter or backup he will give us stability in the back court which we have not had since Billups. A veteran that knows who likes to get the ball in certain spots. Kidd is a winner and it is because of his high bball IQ.

I believe the Knicks starting lineup would be better with a PG that can slash and dish like Lin or Felton but Kidd can provide solid 20-30 min any given night.

One thing we sorely lacked was PG depth last season.

I also see Kidd as a starting 2 guard with Lin or Felton.