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    Originally Posted by SSj4Wingzero
    I will say it now - the pressure is ON for Carmelo.

    He had a lot of excuses the first year he was here. Billups went down with the injury, Amar'e got hurt, half-season, no time to gel, etc.

    He had a lot of excuses the second year too. Amar'e played like ass, no PG, and so on.

    But this is the year. Grunwald has covered as many holes in the roster as he possibly could. We didn't have PG play, now we have 2 playmakers. We have a better bench, and good backups for our frontcourt. They're going to get a full training camp and a season that isn't condensed.

    If Melo doesn't lead this team to the Conference Finals this year, he will get booed harder than Alex Rodriguez has EVER been. Many fans will still cling to the idea that it was Carmelo who ran Jeremy Lin out of town (not true, it was Dolan and his stupid ass ego, but whatever), and for that reason, if he doesn't play his ass off this year, he's never going to hear the end of it.

    Hell, he's already getting crap from everyone as it is.
    Good post that wasn't lined with negativity, but instead with reality. It's time for Melo to step up and I believe he will. He knows just as much as anyone else does that it's his time. And what I like is he's not only talking the talk, but doing everything he can to walk the walk as far as the offseason goes. Lebron threw the "no rings" monkey off of his back and onto Carmelo's. It's time to make noise, there is no more room for moral victories
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    Stat And Melo!!!

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