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I think he can be a championship caliber player. He needs to play with that same intensity he did when he carried the Knicks to that 18-6 stretch to finish the season. There are no excuses this season. He likes the coach and for the first time this roster will have some stability and a full training camp together, something Melo and Stat have yet to have.

Let make sure I am not misreading what you wrote. Are you blaming Melo the Knicks losing Lin? Not sure where you are getting that from. Melo may have a lot to answer for but the Lin debacle is not one of them.
I posed a question and you answered it, i gave reasons why our roster is in flux and that his presence has been detrimental to the team thus far. If his antics don't translate to wins then yes i soley blame him and him only on why the knicks are not headed in a positive direction