See these are the threads that just make me wanna rip my hair out and wonder what game most posters watch. MELO is a legit superstar. No we did not give up to much to get MELO. First of all, Feltip is a KNICK again. Moz is barely average, and Gallo was D'ant's son. Denver got shot out in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs just like the Knicks did. You have to give up the farm to get superstars because there are not very many and are required to win a chip. What games were you guys watching as Melo was dropping 40 on fools and carrying this team down the stretch into the playoff. Melo played through his injuries like a true professional, unlike some of the other members of the Knicks(insert lin and stat here). What more does this man have to do for you guys???? National analysts, USA coaches including coach K are raving about Melo??? What is wrong with y'all??? What's really going on??? Why does our best player catch so much haterade on a board that should support him. Someone please explain this to rationally. That means without calling names, talking about the artwork in his house(????), how much money the man makes, and how many bums we head to give up to get MELO. What the hell do the members of KO.COM, most of whom are still mad about not paying a d league guard 40 million dollars, know that JVG and Coach K don't know????