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    Default Why Carmelo is 0-2 in late-game, 4th Q, clutch shots this yr

    That set the stage for Anthony, who finished with 35 points and 13 rebounds, to be the hero, but his 16-footer from the right side went just long.

    “That’s the look I wanted,” Anthony said. “I’ll take that shot all day. Perfect look at it. I missed it. But that’s the look I wanted.”

    (NY Post)

    I realize it appears that Melo prefers that pull-up jumper from the elbow, more so than taking ball hard to the hoop, when he's in that late-game "clutch" situation. But I wonder if that mindset is b/c of the refs?

    Basically, Melo has a 66% chance of something bad happening if he drives to the basketball.

    More than any star, they seem to call an inordinate amount of offensive fouls on Anthony. He got space using his elbow last night and was called for the foul. Deron did the same thing, even wound up and brought the elbow down hard, then even used arm to seal defender as he drove around Felton's body before making a pass... a clearly worse offense than Carmelo... no foul.

    And if a foul isn't called on Carmelo, he risks a flop to help amplify the effect, in order to get a call...

    But even if that's ignored, then Carmelo realizes he's (most likely) going to get contact. Maybe not hammered, but enough hard contact somewhere to his body, which would be a foul to most stars, but will probably be ignored by the refs, and will definitely alter the shot attempt in some capacity.

    Normally, if a star drives and a defensive player even swipes at the star as he drives, a whistle blows. In Anthony's case, they can shove the back, tug on his shorts, bang his body, do whatnot...

    In other words, it's safer and less risk to just fake the penetration and pull-up. Now this poses a problem, b/c late in games Carmelo doesn't always have his legs.

    We saw it in Dallas, then again against the Nets. Both games were the 2nd of back-to-back games (in consecutive nights). Tired legs, fear of bad stuff happening on the drive, equals 2 Ls.

    Safest play is for Melo to drive to hoop, or be fed ball in post, use his body to draw the foul, & then swish the FTs.
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