Felton needs to shoot less. He's not in the D'antoni system anymore. He needs to be kept in check. That is what Kidd does so i can see real value to having Kidd on the floor in this last game.

Melo loves to do his pull up jumper to win games, thats where he is (typically) clutch. though you can see the legs are not under either of those shots and he's tired. He shouldn't be with the depth on this team and having STAT and Shump back would help with this issue. Overall i'm not concerned about Melo's willingness to get to the basket.

But it is duly noted that he gets substantially less calls then other players of his caliber in this league. He really gets no respect fro anyone other then his teammates and the other players in the league. The Media, the Refs, the Fans rip melo apart but I've only ever heard great things from his teammates and opponents.