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Thanx Metro .... I have a habit of drawin-out player-fans, who believe the Knicks resolve around one player .... Marbury-Fans, Damnphoney-Fans, Melo-Fans ...... Teams Win Championships .. not players.

30-15 Record we da TEAM to beat .. we-one seed away from owning da EAST
We on a 4 Game win streak

Melo's value is his wide fan-base that sells-out over half the NBA stadiums .. there's only a few star-players able to do such .. The Melo-Trade was a smart $$$ bussiness decision for MSG to have 2-star-players to keep MSG sold-out.
I mention TRADE after watching the 20th straight Knicks game of "Melo or JR" SELFISH-performance the same selfisness they pulled in Denver .. I want the selfishness off this veteran-team .. Share the rock

What u dont get is
.. Denver spent 8 seasons building around Melo, plus 5 those seasons were with JR .. there success in Denver were winning-seasons, plus consistently getting knocked out of the first-round of the playoff.
G.M Grunfield filled the 2012-13 Knicksroster with 11 elite-veterans, whom are capable of winning the Atlantic Division Title without a problem, plus going further than the first-round.

Our last two wins were back to back, we used a 8-man rotation vs the Bucks, and vs the Kings we gave double diget playingtime to 8 bench players.
The huge difference in the two-games vs Bucks & Kings which suppose to be two-blowouts with the return of Felton/Shump/Amare in the rotation.
In the Bucks game "Melo & JR" average the same amount of stats as they been averaging all season long in minutes played 40-35/shot attempts 22-16/and field-goal percentage 39% .. when u come-pair (Melo & JR) stats in the Bucks game vs their stats in the Kings game or better yet .....
our 8th Blow-Out of the season 120-81 Knicks Team win .. 13 Man Rotation
that kings win was epic and we did it with Melo scoring only 9 points, but he had 5 valuable assist.

Melo and JR are such good scorers that they can afford to pass the ball and make their teammates better. They're that talented, just like Kobe and MJ, when these guys want to, they can get 10-14 assist.

Melo's the best pure scorer in the league behind KD, but he can also be a facilitator and I believe that's when everything works for this team.