[QUOTE=Kiyaman;264247]I'm not being hard on them .. its just the two-players have to stop playing the same exact type of performance they been playing for the Denver Nuggets .. its only good for a 50 win season and getting knocked-out of the first-round, because teammates are tired of the two-players taking all the GLORY...[/QUOTE

You are being overcritical and losing cred because of it. Your posts used to be eccentric, now they are full of haterade. Half the starting line-up and backups are out most of the the season(STAT,SHEED,SHUMP,FELTON,CAMBY), so instead of realizing that fact and apprecitating the guys who are stepping up, you are hating. Damphony is gone, Starbury is gone we are second in the the East and you are still complaining? Get real. When we get out of the first round, will the you then quit HATING