I just thought I'd initiate this thread for all those who are considering, or have decided to take their talents elsewhere following Lin's departure.

This space will provide you with the opportunity to exchange views and methodically/accurately conclude which team is best suited to you.

Remember to look out for obvious signs of Team compatibility.

1. Jersey Colours: Perhaps try out some outfits in the colours of the teams shortlist you have created. Which one suits you? Which one feels "right?"

2. "THE ONE": Obviously when your talents were in New York, you handed this title to Jeremy Lin. He's now priced himself out of the Knicks, and made the short 1631 mile trip to Houston. No move has ever shattered the foundations of an establishment this much. Suddenly you find yourselves feeling betrayed, alone, with no purpose in life. Yet hope is offered in the form of an environment change. A new team to follow, a new city to embrace, and a new player to salivate over. This is the tricky part. Do you remain loyal to the player you were following over the past few months, or is your broken heart capable of finding love elsewhere in the form of another chosen one? Choose wisely

3. Cheerleaders: What informed, enlightened, intellectual fan would not consider the quality of cheerleading squads before making an educated decision regarding which team to support? After all, there will always be moments in a game when the camera is not focussing on the player you've chosen to follow. A good distraction which will prevent you from getting cold sweats and panic attacks during this time will be to focus on the cheerleaders who will have taken centre court by this time.

Obviously there are many more complex factors to consider when making this painfully difficult decision, and this is the space which will provide you the opportunity to deliberate long enough, safe in the knowledge that you are protected from the verbal (hurtful) poison that is spewed from pathetic Knicks fans.

I sincerely hope you all find what you are looking for.........

He did.