Being an ole-man fan of the Knicks .. has not been very rewarding lately, the good ole-daze of Earl Monroe, Sugar Ray, Cartwright, Bernad King, and Ewing are all gone.

The Knicks has been going down hill as a scrub NBA team ever since the Allan Houston resigning of $100M max contract in the $100M max contract for Carmelo Anthony in 2011.

u just dont give a NO-DEFENSIVE-EFFORT player a $100M contract .. its different if u drafted the player to watch his fan base increase by a large percentage each season, or if u trade for a no-defense-player in the final year or two of his max contract to boost your advantage in the playoffs .... which a lot of NBA teams will do for the Knicks in the final years of Amare & Melo contract.
How many seasons will it take to realize Melo & Amare dont co-exist?
Two first round playoff seasons and we are still blaming injuries....Damn!