watching the summer league game and hearing STAT and Felton talk to Breen and Clyde
was very refreshing. I'm the first to admit I was sorry to see Lin go and Felton come in,
but I think it's because I was in love with Lin (no homo) and what he brought to the Knicks...
a winning streak, high hopes, a hometown phenomenon... and when he left to the Rockets,
I felt like my girlfriend had dumped me, all because of some rich stupid bully who took her away...

but a couple days later, reality is sinking in, and I realize now that having Felton back can
only lead to great things. Felton talked with Clyde and Breen about playing with STATnMELO
in high school, he spoke of his confidence of being a great PG, and looking forward to
playing with Kidd, Chandler, JR and of course, STATnMELO. he's in shape, he talks a winning hand,
and he reminded me of what the Knicks had at their best when he ran the squad
(before he was run into the ground by our d'amn coach).

I may call him Felt-ton in jest, but i'm only f*cking around. I really like the guy and i'm glad
to have him back. feeling better now.