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Jeremy Lin was my favorite player and I'll forever claim that losing him was one of the biggest mistakes made by Grunwald in what was looking like a pretty good off-season.

Raymond Felton is a league-average PG when he's in shape. Hopefully, that's all we need out of him, because the rest is on Carmelo and Amar'e to get it done. I'm glad he's getting in shape now, because there's no way Woodson is the type of guy to let his players get away with showing up to training camp with excess fat.
League Average? They guy averaged 17 & 9 while he was here over a 54 game period. Lin averaged 17 & 7 over 25 games. Please, correct me if I'm wrong.And they were playing in the sae system (Lin was at his best under D'Antoni) so I don't see what makes Felton average and Lin not