I think Felton can be a great point guard for us but it looks like he is one of those who can not handle success very well.
After a sensational game vs Miami he thinks that he is a superstar now and can take more shots than anyone else. I think he took 30 shots vs Bulls, am i correct?
Even Kobe during his worst mental breakdown does not take 30 ****ing shots. I blame Felton for that loss. instead of running the offence he is taking 30 shots. What a joke. Actually i blame Woody for not stopping that madness.
Felton was on his way to lose another game vs Denver, but thanks god Woody realized that and benched him in the 4th quarter.
Also, please someone tell Sheed that he is not Dirk Novitsky, stop taking long jumpers. He is another reason we lost in chicago.