I think the Celtics will be entering the rebuilding phase soon. As long as Rondo is around I think they'll still make the playoffs. He's proven he can make just about anyone better and in my eyes he has that number 2 spot behind CP3 (maybe even tied) as the best PURE PG in the NBA. But with Jesus Shuttlesworth gone and KG and Pierce entering the twilight of their careers while D Wade and LBJ are in their prime I don't see them in the Finals anytime soon. I think we def have the ability to beat them and be a number 3 with the Heat and Bulls (assuming Rose comes back healthy) above us, maybe even 2 if we stay healthy. This is of course with the assumption that Hakeem is truly helping Stat and Chandler with their post games and that Felton shows up in shape and ready to go.

The Nets are overrated and haven't yet played a full NBA season together with the new squad and arena to show me otherwise and everyone else is pretty weak and I still firmly believe that had we been healthy and had not gone against the heat in the first round we might have been the conference finals at the very least. We can run over the Magic who may not even make the playoffs with the loss of Dwight and also the Pacers and Hawks.