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    Default Ray Felton vs. Jeremy Lin - the #'s may surprise you

    Just found this comparison interesting. Sorry if this has already been posted & discussed on another thread, was not sure whether I should post this on the Felton thread or the Lin thread.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Given the relative talents and relative costs of both players, is the decision to bring back Lin as clear cut as many fans think? Do the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] speak loud enough in favor of Felton as to trump whatever advantages that Lin may represent in terms of X's and O's?

    Jeremy Lin
    Age = 23
    Total Value of New Deal = 3 years $25 million
    Career Games With Knicks = 35 (25 started)
    Points = 14.6
    Assists = 6.29
    Rebounds = 3
    W-L Record = 20-15
    Career Non-Knicks Stats = 2.6 PTS, 1.4 AST, 1.2 RBS

    Raymond Felton
    Age = 28
    Total Value of New Deal = 3 years $10 million
    Career Games With Knicks = 54
    Points = 17.1
    Assists = 9
    Rebounds = 3.6
    W-L Record = 28-26
    Career Non-Knicks Stats = 12.8 PTS, 6.5 AST, 3.3 REB

    *All stats via
    The caveat to the stat breakdowns above is Jeremy Lin's averages as a starter over 25 games last year were:
    18.2 points
    7.7 assists
    4.7 turnovers

    So basically, both of these guys excelled in D'Antoni's uptempo style system, except Felton was able to do it over a longer stretch of games & was more of a ball facilitator while Lin was more of a ball dominant scorer.

    We've seen that Mike Woodson prefers to play a more structured style of offense while D'Antoni allowed his players a lot more freedom to shoot at will. Which of the 2 PG's do you guys feel is the better match for our current roster, head coach & style of play? Jeremy Lin or Ray Felton?

    Perhaps more importantly, who is more likely to be respected by Melo & STAT on the basketball court & in the lockerroom?

    * Please let's not discuss anything about the contract that Jeremy Lin signed, or how stupid James Dolan was for not matching on this thread. I would like to hear your thoughts on which of these guys you feel is better suited for this current Knicks' team & why.
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